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For children who are walking, to around three years of age, our toddler areas are brimming with learning activities. Each one is geared to helping toddlers achieve confidence and independence through a variety of child-initiated play options alongside highly-structured adult-led learning.

Naturally, we know the value of arts and crafts, water and sand play, messy play, painting and imaginative play. And we know that music, movement, singing and storytelling are valuable and necessary ingredients of childcare and development at this age. So you’ll find plenty of toys and equipment in our toddler areas which help focus on your young child’s continuing development.

But we also recognise that toddlers are at a stage where they can begin to fine tune their physical, emotional  and motor skills with proper adult support. So we work with parents and carers towards achieving key goals for toddlers such as toilet training, personal hygiene and independent feeding. Other important skills such as children hanging up their own coats, holding and using pencils and encouraging mark making (the first step towards letter formation) are all developed through stimulating guided activities.

It all adds up to first class toddler care that’s second to none.

All activities in our toddler areas are reinforced by close supervision and support at all times. We pay particular attention to developing toddlers’ skills at their own pace, recognising that every child is a unique individual.

Toddlers are never pressed to do more than they are able. And when batteries need recharging, there are quiet areas where calming activities can be carried out, or children can take a refreshing nap.

However advanced our learning activities may be, they are always centred around play and fun!