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  Of course children's safety & care is of paramount importance to us ~ we operate in secure premises with a high level of health & safety features and you can be assured that safety is embedded in everything we do:
Risk assesments are conducted daily throughout the premises to include everything from emergency escape routes to room temperatures and equipment & toys.
Emergency evacuation practice is undertaken regularly and everyone on the premises takes part ~ the children love the excitment!

External outings are given special attention:

- Risk assements are undertaken for every location visited.

- High visibility vests are worn by all children.

- Child safety harnesses are used.

- Higher than average children to staff ratios are applied.

- A qualified first aider escorts every outing.

Visitors are supervised at all times and regular visitors will have relevant background checks carried out (eg. enhanced CRB).
Strict door security and access control procedures are adhered to at all times.

Child Protection:

- Detailed Safeguarding Children policy

- Nursery Manager undertakes the role of 'Designated Officer' for any safety matters.


Annual risk assesments are conducted by an external safety consultant. On such an inspection we were advised 'this is the most safety conscious nursery I have ever visited'.