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Rapid development continues during the years from age three to starting school. It’s a vitally important time, and we are committed to providing the best day care environment to help your child prepare for school and make the transition to school life an easy one.

That’s why, in our pre-school areas, the emphasis is on continuing to promote independence and confidence. We do this through a wide range of play activities which support literacy, problem solving, reasoning and co-ordination. Other educational games such as recognising shapes, holding and controlling pencils to make marks that will become drawing and letters, and sorting colours or weighing cooking ingredients all help to develop basic numeracy.

What’s more, communication skills are enhanced through music and movement. Children are encouraged to explore rhythm and sounds which stimulates their sensory experiences and prepares the platform for reading through making letter sounds, fun. Encouraging them to make ‘First Friends’, having fun with them and learning to look after them is key to their general social skills.

Core activities such as imaginative play and expression through dressing up and ‘pretend’ play using the tool bench, home corner, shop or weekly theme such as the space rocket or café are also daily features of our pre-school care. Games with shared activity are important so each child learns to take turns too. Interesting story telling is a calming activity where learning continues as children follow the story and understand the partnership of sounds words and pictures.

We have a room dedicated to being a mega messy zone! A range of art and craft activities go on all day long. Here anything and everything gets painted, stuck, glittered, mixed, measured, glooped, squidged and splattered!

Children today are born into a technical world, so we enthusiastically encourage the use of computers to enhance skills such as co-ordination and fine motor control through using a mouse and keyboard.

But we don’t stop there. When your child is ready to start school, we liaise directly with the school and teacher to ensure the transition from nursery room to classroom is a completely happy one.

In short, at Alphabet Corner our safe, caring atmosphere provides the very best support to make your child’s first day at school a successful one.