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There’s no doubt that outdoor experience provides a wealth of extended learning opportunities for children of any age.

Our gardens at Alphabet Corner give children the chance to totally engage with the outdoors via a wide range of activities that help encourage awareness, investigation, imagination and the development of motor skills. Some of the play-centred garden activities include:

  • Stimulating sensory perceptions of taste, touch, smell and vision through growing fruit, vegetables and flowers and discovering the wildlife around such as encouraging spiders to spin their webs and butterflies to feed from our perches.
  • Making food to feed the birds in the winter and looking after caterpillars through their life cycle to become beautiful butterflies.
  • Fun-filled activities to develop motor skills and co-ordination, such as ribbon twirling and threading, hula hooping and hopscotching.
  • Treasure hunts, den building & explorer expeditions.
  • And we haven’t left out the essential equipment such as a play house for home play, a curly climbing frame, pirate play ship, a tunnel and chalk boards

Every child will gain so much from the freedom of choice our gardens offer. With so many ways for your child to learn and develop outdoors, our gardens are the ideal place (and the children think so too!).

Taking further steps to learning……...

At Alphabet Corner, we strongly believe that children must have access to the wider world if they are to develop a sense of community and understand their surroundings via their local environment.

Our short walks*, for example, include trips to the local library for a special story, collecting items such as leaves and twigs for our story boards, visiting the small animal corner or having some energetic play in the local parks. The excitement as the children get ready and the chirpy chatter as they walk along is as enjoyable as what they do when they get there!

Whatever the activity, when it comes to developing child awareness, our outings are definitely a step in the right direction.

* Parental permission permitting