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Privately owned, 54 space, day nursery
Full range of facilities & care for children aged 3 months to 5 years
Open all year round (except Bank holidays and 1 week at Christmas)
Monday to Friday 07:30 to 18:00

We offer a child-centred, activity-based, learning journey that positively encourages rounded development and we believe passionately that each child can reach their fullest potential if given proper guidance and help from the earliest age. So we provide a full and rich learning experience over a wide range of physical and mental activities across all age groups that meet the Early Years Foundation Stage requirements (EYFS) as outlined by Ofsted. These include:
•          Personal, social & emotional development
•          Communication & language
•          Physical development
•          Literacy
•          Mathematics
•          Expressive art & design
•          Understanding the World

Of course, we recognise that babies and children mature at different rates and at different times in their lives. And we understand that each child in our care is a unique individual who has characteristics and temperaments that can differ greatly from others. That’s why we’ve designed our range of learning activities to offer the most flexible, supportive approach to helping each child develop at an appropriate pace and with maximum physical and emotional support.

But does this mean that learning at Alphabet Corner is dry and dull? On the contrary, we pack plenty of fun into our activities that not only keeps our children interested, but encourages spontaneous exploration and investigation.

So whether it’s messy play, painting, playing with educational toys or reading, there’s an appropriate activity for every child and that means your child will be learning at the highest level in a way that will engage their attention and maximise their enjoyment.


Our dedicated areas are designed to meet specific needs - find out more:

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Pre-School Pursuits preparing to make school days, happy days
Outdoor Exploration and Play
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